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Understanding Sheet Vinyl in 2019: From Cost to Maintenance

Feb 21, 2019 3:29:10 PM / by Robert Lewis


I would like to take this opportunity to step onto the stage and help sheet vinyl share some of the spotlight with luxury vinyl tile and plank. It has its own unique benefits that could be exactly what you’re looking for and well within your budget.



Before we dive in, I want to acknowledge LVP and LVT as the heavy hitters for waterproof and durable flooring. No denying it! But let’s not discount some of the benefits sheet vinyl has to offer and how it could serve you.


Sheet vinyl is easy to maintain, has the traditional look we’re all familiar with and it provides a soft surface to stand on. It’s also a great waterproof product and has plenty of options to give the color, style and feel that you are looking for!


This type of vinyl is popular in places like veterinary clinics where pet messes can be cleaned easily. However, if moisture gets underneath the sheet due to a gap in the seam or a scratch in the product, it could lead to damage underneath the floor.



How It's MadeSheet Vinyl Layers


With its potential vulnerability to dents and scratches, sheet vinyl is made with strength and support in mind. Think of sheet vinyl like a layered cake!


It is designed with a Backing Layer which lies at the bottom of the material and takes on all the adhesives when being installed.


Next in line is the Foam Layer which offers a smooth base for design printing and provides the comfort underfoot we all know and love.


Above the Foam Layer, you’ll find the Print Layer. The decorative element that offers incredibly accurate reproductions of all the different types of flooring from hardwood all the way to stone tile!

Lastly, we have the Wear Layer. Arguably the most important part of sheet vinyl, the top layer is designed to take all the traffic, wear and make the product easy to clean.


The Wear Layer and the density of the inner core determine the performance of the vinyl. The density of the core correlates to the resistance to rips, tears, and dents while the Wear Layer helps resist staining, scuffing and scratching.


The Cost



Sheet Vinyl Specs

 To get a better idea of how much you’ll be paying for the sheet vinyl you need, let’s try and narrow down your needs. Here are some good reasons to consider sheet vinyl:


  • Moisture Resistant
  • It can go anywhere in the home
  • Comes in many styles and features
  • Easy to remove
  • Resistant to spills and damage from kids and pets
  • Easy to maintain

Any of those match your requirements? These factors listed above influence how much you’ll end up paying because they can have an effect on:

  1. The warranty you opt for
  2. The type of wear layer you get
  3. The pattern you choose
  4. The thickness of the vinyl
  5. Where you want it


These are the factors that have the most sway in determining the average cost of the product! You can expect an average range of $1 per square foot to $7 per square foot.


How to Install Sheet Vinyl

The installation process includes a few factors that also add to the final costs, so I’m going to break them down so that we know exactly what you’re paying for.

Use this information as a starting point to understand what you're paying for and bring this information with you to consult an expert to further discuss your budget.


So, you’re having sheet vinyl installed, what goes into that?


  1. Picking the product! Just use that info from the Cost section of this article.
  2. Look at how much you need. Sheet vinyl typically comes in 6 foot, 12 foot, and 13 foot and 2-inch sheets. The size will affect the price you pay. Whether you decide to have a seam will also affect the price.


You know what? Let me draw it for you so you can actually see what I’m talking about!



So here we have Diagram 1. Let’s say you have a 12x12 room connected to a 12x6 hallway. You can buy a 12-foot roll of sheet vinyl that is 24 feet long. You’ll cover the whole space from the room through the hallway, but you’re also making 72 square feet worth of waste. Waste that you’re paying for!

“That’s so much waste! How can I avoid that?!”

Allow me to show you Diagram 2.



Here we have Diagram 2 where instead of a 12x24 roll of sheet vinyl, you bought a 12x18 roll of sheet vinyl. The waste that is made from this length can be moved to the rest of the hallway completing the job without any waste! Saving you the cost of 72 square feet in the process.

This process creates a seam in the floor because they need to connect that waste to the rest of the sheet in the hallway. Some people prefer not to have that seam in the floor but keep in mind that it will be professionally sealed with a special adhesive that helps resist moisture.


3. The last part of the installation process that affects the overall cost is the embossment of the sub-floor. It essentially just preparing the floor for the sheet vinyl with a cement-based material that smooths everything out. The embossment, adhesives, and sealants used in the process will add to the final cost.


The Maintenance


Sheet vinyl is incredibly durable but does require some upkeep. Fortunately, the easy-to-do maintenance can add years to the life of the product.


Be careful to always refer to the manufacturer for what you can and cannot use on their product.

Here are some general tips on what to look out for and how to clean your new sheet vinyl:


  • Make sure to put feet protectors on all furniture to help avoid cuts and dents in the floor.
  • Vacuuming and mopping are good methods to keep the floor clean but be careful of what solutions you use.
  • If the floor gets a cut, cover it up and call the location where you bought it to see what you can do to fix it!


Sheet vinyl might be the product that fits the needs you’re looking for in your remodel and might be the best fit for your budget. Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves, give our experts a call and talk more about your project.

Feel like you still need more research? Look no further!


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